The Women and Families Cultural-Educational Journal  

According to the letter No. 3/142918 dated 7/9/2012 of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the womens and family cultural and educational has a scientific-research degree. The main purpose of the scientific journal is to create a cultural and educational quarterly for women and the family, to create a platform and intellectual environment to share the latest scientific and research achievements (basic, developmental and applied) of professors,  researchers and students in the field of women and the family.

Technical theoretical knowledge and movement on the border of knowledge and focus on issues to solve a key problem at the international, national, regional or institutional level.

Current Issue: Volume 18, Issue 64, September 2023 (Autumn 2023) 

Original Article

Designing and validating the model of parenting during adolescence based on Islamic sources

Pages 11-36

seyyedabbas satoriyan; mohamadreza ahmadi; hamid Rafie honar; Karina Tahmasian

Factors affecting childbearing with an emphasis on virtual social networks

Pages 37-53

narges kiyanpour; seyed ali rahman zadeh; nowrouz hashem zehi

A systematic review of gender justice studies in Iran

Pages 129-154

Zahra Boorboor; Mansoureh Zarean; Nayereh Ahmadi

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