Keywords = phenomenology
Phenomenological Study of Existential Crisis in Elderly People During the Empty Nest Period

Articles in Press, Corrected Proof, Available Online from 11 October 2023

Abdolbaset Mahmoudpour; asye shariatmadar; ahmad borjali; Abdollah Shafi Abadi

The lived experience of betrayed women after forgiving their husbands

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 14 February 2024

Mahnaz Karegar; Abbas Javaheri; yaser madani

Identity formation and modeling of celebrities in adolescent girls: a phenomenological study

Volume 19, Issue 66, April 2024, Pages 207-225

Mojtaba Haghani Zemeydani; Seyede leila Haghparast; Massoumeh Esmaeili; Ali Azimi

Teachings of prayer and sublimation of the Islamic family (qualitative study)

Volume 18, Issue 65, January 2024, Pages 249-268

Ahmad Abbasi Darehbidi; Tayebeh Zareie

Identifying gender role and financial conflicts of working women involved in marital conflicts: a phenomenological study

Volume 18, Issue 64, September 2023

Anise Mohammadyari; Ali Rezaei sharif; ahmadreza kiani; esmaeil sadri demirchi

the concept of privacy from the perspective of couples: A phenomenological study

Volume 18, Issue 63, June 2023, Pages 83-112

Fatemeh Qorbani; Kiumars Farahbakhsh; Javad Kodadadi

factors affecting the stability of the families of the employees of the Ports and Maritime Organization

Volume 18, Issue 62, May 2023, Pages 11-38

Maryam Majidnateri; masomeh esmaeily; javad khodadadi

Patterns of Marital Interaction of Undifferentiated Individuals: A qualitative study

Volume 18, Issue 62, May 2023, Pages 89-119

zeinab abdeyousefkhani; Ali Akbar Soleimanian; Zeinab Golpich

Phenomenology of Women's Life Experience of Male’s (Spouse) Infidelity Behaviors

Volume 16, Issue 55, August 2021, Pages 49-81

Samad Rasoulzadeh Aghdam; Esmaeel Kheyrjou; Vahideh Abbasi

communication patterns of women with marital conflict: A Qualitative Study

Volume 16, Issue 55, August 2021, Pages 83-113

Shokraneh Rahbari; Ebrahim Naeemi; Masoumeh Esmaeeli

Corona and Family Challenges: A Phenomenological Study of the Lived Experience of the Youth of Sistan and Baluchestan

Volume 16, Issue 55, August 2021, Pages 133-154

Elham Shirdel; Fatemeh Hami Kargar; Mehran Sohrabzadeh