Author = Massoumeh Esmaeili
Identity formation and modeling of celebrities in adolescent girls: a phenomenological study

Volume 19, Issue 66, April 2024, Pages 207-225

Mojtaba Haghani Zemeydani; Seyede leila Haghparast; Massoumeh Esmaeili; Ali Azimi

factors affecting the stability of the families of the employees of the Ports and Maritime Organization

Volume 18, Issue 62, May 2023, Pages 11-38

Maryam Majidnateri; masomeh esmaeily; javad khodadadi

Designing Girls’ Integrated Identity Model Based on Successful Lived Experiences

Volume 17, Issue 60, September 2022, Pages 49-81

Mansoure Talebian; Masoumeh Esmaʻily; Somaye Kazemian; Mohammad Asgari

communication patterns of women with marital conflict: A Qualitative Study

Volume 16, Issue 55, August 2021, Pages 83-113

Shokraneh Rahbari; Ebrahim Naeemi; Masoumeh Esmaeeli

Development of a Model for Mothers' Adaptive Strategies in Dealing with the Emerging Problems of Adolescents

Volume 15, Issue 50, May 2020, Pages 45-66

Samira Hashemi; Masoumeh Esmaili; Mohammad Asgari; Somaye Kazemian

A Qualitative Study of the Role of Language in the Relationships between Conflicting Couples: An Approach Based on Grounded Theory

Volume 13, Issue 44, January 2019, Pages 27-65

rahim mollai; Ma‘sumeh esmaeili; mohammad hasan mollai