Investigating the Self-Managing Factors of Couples Conflicts in the Foundations of the Four Human Relations (Relation to God, Self, Being and Others) from Javadi Amoli's Viewpoint


The purpose of this study was to study the educational content of self-healing factors in conflict resolution of couples with respect to the foundations of human quadratic relationships with self, God, being, and others from Javadi Amoli's perspective. Methodology: The population of this study was Amoli Javad books related to the discussion of the four relations and the sample, topics extracted from their books. The method of the research is content analysis according to the coding theory of the base theory. In this method, the information obtained from Amoli's Javad texts was directly analyzed and without imposing predetermined classes, the codes were extracted inductively from the raw data. To analyze the data obtained from the interviews, the underlying theory was coded in three stages: open, axial, and selective. Findings: The findings of this research in the context of the fourfold relationships of man with himself, God, being, and others can provide a coherent set of concepts in the context of beliefs about the training of self-healing factors in conflict resolution. Discussion and Conclusion: Because the ontological beliefs and the way people view human nature, the origin of the universe, the nature of being, and the rights and status of others play an important role in how individuals self-heal in interpersonal and interpersonal conflicts. Intellectuals in quadruple communication increase individuals' ability to solve problems.


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جوادی آملی، عبدالله (1388.چ)، اسلام و روابط بین الملل ،محقق محمد، قم: انتشارات اسراء.
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