Keywords = marriage
Investigating women's lived experiences of the phenomenon of polygamy in Sistan and Baluchistan province: a phenomenological study

Volume 19, Issue 66, April 2024, Pages 247-262

mohammad alipour; Ahmadreza Akbari; sima Badiei; Zainab Abdullahi

Factors affecting childbearing with an emphasis on virtual social networks

Volume 18, Issue 64, September 2023, Pages 37-53

narges kiyanpour; seyed ali rahman zadeh; nowrouz hashem zehi

Iranian Family Health Indicators and Components

Volume 17, Issue 60, September 2022, Pages 11-47

Khodabakhsh Ahmadi; Zahra Akhavi Samarein

Young People's Lived Experiences of the Challenges of the Pre-Coronary and Post-Coronary Family Formation Process

Volume 17, Issue 58, May 2022, Pages 113-131

Mahsa Larijani; Maliheh Abedi; Tahere Nori

Development of a Model for Spouse Selection Criteria in Iran

Volume 14, Issue 48, November 2019, Pages 121-144

mohsen niyazi; somayeh miri; ali farhadian