Keywords = grounded theory
Marital compatibility predictors and implications in couples satisfied with married life

Volume 19, Issue 66, April 2024, Pages 79-110

samin Rastgoftar; javad khodadadi

Factors Affecting Formation of Spouse Selection Criteria among Educated Young People In Ilam; A Grounded Theory

Volume 17, Issue 60, September 2022, Pages 83-107

Behina Akbari; Kiumars Farahbakhsh; Ebrahim Naeimi

Development of a Model of Family Processes Affecting Job Promotion; Grounded Theory

Volume 14, Issue 49, March 2020, Pages 25-54

Zeinab Golpich; Ali Mohammad Nazari; Azizollah Tajik Ismaili; Abdul-Rahim Kassaei Isfahani

Development of a Model for Effective Marital Communication with an Approach Based on Grounded Theory

Volume 13, Issue 45, May 2019, Pages 7-35

Fahimeh Pirsaqi; Kianoosh Zahrakar; Alireza Kiamanesh; Farshad Mohsenzadeh; J’afar Hasani

A Qualitative Study of the Role of Language in the Relationships between Conflicting Couples: An Approach Based on Grounded Theory

Volume 13, Issue 44, January 2019, Pages 27-65

rahim mollai; Ma‘sumeh esmaeili; mohammad hasan mollai