Marital compatibility predictors and implications in couples satisfied with married life

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1 Refah University، Tehran، Iran

2 counseling،faculty of psychology and education sciences،allameh tabataba'i university،tehran ،iran


Compatibility and satisfaction in married life play an essential role in the physical and mental health of couples and provide the basis for growth for all family members.The aim of this study was to identify the predictor and implications of marital adjusnent in couples satisfied with life with a qualitative apprcach and based on the grounded theory for this parpose 14 participants were selected by purposive sampling method and until the theoretical saturation was achieved were studied in depth semi-struc tured interview.Analysis of the in terviews led to the identification 73 open code 15 selective code and 3 axial code the causal conditions were the main family and cultural and social teaching.Desirable personality traits،learn from intergenerational and interpersonal experiences،forming a pair system، optimal parenting system and communication with the main family were obtained as intervening conditions .The strategies used by the couple were the nature of compensation،the use of support resources،relationship adaptability rational support and rational approach.Finally personal satis faction couple satisfaction pararenting sotisfaction and family satisfaction were identified as the consequences of marital adjustment.Therefore the finding s of this study can be effective in providing appropriate information and interventions to increase couples adjustment and satisfaction.