Reviewing and analyzing the discourse of domestic violence news in the context of virtual media

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1 Assistant Professor of Counseling, refah university, Tehran, iran

2 PhD in Counseling.Allameh Tabatabai University, Tehran, iran

3 Master of family counseling, Allameh Tabatabai University, Tehran, iran


The purpose of this research is to investigate the discourses caused by the spread of domestic violence news in the context of virtual media (Instagram, Telegram and WhatsApp) in the community. The present research was conducted with the method of critical discourse analysis; The research sample consisted of 15 married men and women in Khorramabad city, who were selected in a targeted way from among the available people according to the criteria of willingness to participate in the research, daily use of virtual media (at least 2 hours a day), university education, and physical and mental health. They were elected in 1400.The interview was conducted in a semi-structured manner and based on the axes of Lacla and Mouffe's theory. The results show that the spread of domestic violence news in virtual media is the emergence of the dominant discourse of social insecurity and loss of values; It is arguable that the central sign formed around the axis of social instability and mistrust forms its structure with equivalent themes so that finally the identity of the audience present in the scene is drawn as an identity in crisis and under pressure that the discourses that govern him are antithetical and They oppose his fixed worldviews and values.Strategies such as media literacy, awareness of social issues, increasing individual and social differentiation, the strength of social and family ties, and acquiring a solid philosophy of existence and value can break the structure of the dominant discourse.As a result, it can be said that knowing the upcoming process and trying to build mutual discourses, in accordance with the intellectual, cultural and value context of the Iranian Islamic society, can prevent the spread of social harms, including domestic violence, and lead to the consolidation of individual and social values.


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