The Sociological Study of the Impact of Globalization on Family Functions

Document Type : Original Article


PhD Student of Sociology and Faculty Member of Humanities and Social Studies Institute


The world in the present day being influenced by the explosion of information, technological achievements and the collapse of cultural boundaries is moving towards invisible horizons. Globalization, communication technologies and mass media have transformed the world into a small village and cultures, values, norms and customs of societies are rapidly changing. One of the areas that has undergone a significant transformation under influences of the globalization is the family and its changing functions. In this research, we try to study the impacts of globalization on the Iranian families using the survey research method. The statistical population of the study consists of people aged 15 years and over in Tehran that 382 people are systematically and randomly selected through multi-stage cluster sampling. The results show that globalization has strongly affected five different family functions that is, economic function, emotional and psychological function, regeneration and biological function, educational function, and the function of supplying sexual needs. Meanwhile, the strongest impact has been exerted on regeneration and biological function, and the weak impact has been exerted on the economic and social functions.


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