Author = kiumars farahbakhsh
Identifying the role of parents in young girls' adjustment to divorce

Volume 19, Issue 66, April 2024, Pages 33-51

Zohre Salehbeigi; abolfazl Hatami varzane; kiumars farahbakhsh

the concept of privacy from the perspective of couples: A phenomenological study

Volume 18, Issue 63, June 2023, Pages 83-112

Fatemeh Qorbani; Kiumars Farahbakhsh; Javad Kodadadi

Family Resilience Pattern on the Basis of the Family Experiences

Volume 16, Issue 55, August 2021, Pages 7-30

Ghodratollah Zarean; Hosein Salimi Bajestani; Kioomars Farahbakhsh; Abdollah Motamedi

A Qualitative Study on Women’s Acquaintance Process with their Spouses in Stable Marriage

Volume 16, Issue 54, May 2021, Pages 7-26

Maryam Azami; Asia Shariatmadar; kiumars Farahbakhsh

Development of a Model for Promoting Marital Satisfaction and Evaluation of its Effectiveness in Reducing the Tendency to Divorce

Volume 15, Issue 53, February 2021, Pages 55-84

Effat Yahya rad; Hussein Salimi Bajestani; Mohammad Asgari; Kiyumars Farahbakhsh